ongratulations on our previous year's authorized invention patents hold a lead in Zhongshan

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According to the statistics of Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, our company has 222 authorized invention patents of Zhongshan City in previous year, which is far in advance of the same industry in Zhongshan City.

Our company adheres to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, being committed to become the most trusted intellectual property services enterprise, and establishing the invention patent evaluation system before application. Patent agents will go through full search and evaluation before applying for invention patent in order to assess the authorization rate during the patent application process and provide better professional advice for clients, ensuring that clients can gain effective guarantee for the authorization of invention patent. Therefore, it makes the authorization rate of invention patent of our company remain at about 50%, and the authorization amount of invention patent always holds a lead in Zhongshan, which fully protects the legitimate rights and interests of clients and wins the trust of them.

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