British patent lawyer came to visit our company

Mr. David Stanners, a British patent lawyer from a famous law firm in Britain came to visit our company in Aug. 2nd 2017. Mr. Yin Wentao, our executive director, extended warm welcome to Mr. David Stanners. Both parties introduced each other's basic information and conducted a warm and friendly exchange. During this course, Mr. David Stanners introduced the trends in European patent development to our foreign-related agency department, particularly mentioned that the European Unitary Patent is expected to be implemented by 2018. European Unitary Patent will greatly simplify the process of patent application and reduce the cost of patent application. It is believed that it will be favored by many patent applicants in the future.

At present, our company has established good cooperative partnership with many patent law firms in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Canada, India, Turkey, Iran and other countries and regions. The authorization rate of foreign patents and trademarks reached more than 90%. If your innovation wants to gain more protection at abroad, welcome to contact us.

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