SoBo's “Standards for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights” Was Officially Launched

SoBo's “Standards for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights” Was Officially Launched

On January 16, 2017, Zhongshan Songbao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. held the “Standard for the Management of Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights” to launch the conference.

The main participants in the project were Cao Yu, General Manager of Songbao, Hu Qingping, Director of the factory, heads of departments, and members of the project.

First of all, General Manager spoke from the aspects of strengthening awareness of standards, clear objectives, and implementation of standards. It shows that the main and final purpose of the project is to implement (GB/T 29490-2013) standard requirements and strengthen the management of the company's internal intellectual property,  announcing the establishment of the Songbao Standard Group.

Afterwards, the General Manager of our company Xie Zian also delivered a speech at the meeting. This presentation focused on the content of intellectual property rights, and cited several hot cases of intellectual property infringement, emphasizing the importance of enterprises in establishing intellectual property management practices.

Then, the person in charge of the project, which is guided by our company's guidance on the implementation of SoBo, introducse specific objectives, main contents, and procedures, and emphasizes the three principles of “strategic orientation, leadership emphasis, and full participation”. 

At the end of the meeting, everyone took a group photo and wished the smooth completion of the work of SoBo.

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