Tour in west of guangdong province

In November 2016, our company organized a memorable trip to the west of guangdong province. How happy is it? Look at the picture.

Our big family

Let's go.

On the road

 On the way through the west coast expressway near zhuhai airport, just happened to meet the zhuhai air show, so there are many cars to go to the air show, heavy traffic. Take a sneak peek at the sky and see if there is a J20 in the sky over zhuhai. Looking up at the sky, there seems to be no aeroplane in the sky. Only the blue sky, and the occasional white cloud, I wondered if the white cloud would hide behind the plane.

      A few minutes by car, very tiring, sitting still is not a way, so the guide started everyone to play games. Although very simple game, but at least active atmosphere.

      The loser is going to perform or give a red envelope, and the two people are talking about the number of red envelopes.

After five and a half hours' drive, finally to wu chuan! The hotel packed up and started the first stop of the trip.
It was not a simple trip, and the main purpose of our trip was to attend a colleague's wedding. This is also the tradition of our company. Our colleagues are married. As long as it's not too far, we'll try our best. Once a colleague from hunan got married, we also attended.
Send a welfare, first come the beautiful bride and company a few big beautiful girl.

The local wedding customs are very interesting.

Wu chuan's banquet is usually held in his own home, the dishes are very rich. Because it is near the sea, it is mainly seafood. Each dish tastes good.

went for a walk after dinner。

Next morning.

 A new day, a new beginning.

 First stop, gigabit bay. A beautiful beach.

Most importantly, take a group photo.

our big family


Mao's posture is eye-catching.

Have a good time

    The Blue sky, the white cloud, the sea, the sand.

    Gizhao's bay has the famous large bedrock coast of the province, the bank twists and turns.It can be compared with the famous Thailand pattaya beach; The beach is broad, the slope is ideal, the sand is clean, the seawater is clear.

Go! Go to the next destination!

The next station,hailing's island.

Get in touch with nature

A dragonfly larger than a ship

So happy

Pile of sand

    Beautiful sunset

Roadside barbecue


      The last stop,Chikan's town.

Local specialty,The dried  orange peel.

Shopping, our favorite


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