Training Course Conducted by Our Company Achieved A Complete Success
In the morning of September 27th, “Patent Infringement Litigation and Patent Invalidation” training course, which was hosted by the Intellectual Property Office of Zhongshan City, co-sponsored by the Home Appliances Intellectual Property Rights Center of Zhongshan City and conducted by Zhongshan Kechuang Patent Agency Co., Ltd. , was held in the Food Industry Base of Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City. More than 50 people attended this training, among which were representatives on behalf of the Huangpu town and its surrounding towns’ enterprises and institutions of intellectual property management and intellectual property services.
  Hong Zewen, the Deputy director of the Huangpu Economic and Trade Bureau, Jin Yuhua, the Deputy Chief of the Patent Office of Zhongshan City and Yin Wentao, the  chairman of Zhongshan Kechuang Patent Agency Co., Ltd., attended this training course. At the beginning of this course, Hong Zewen addressed this activity. He introduced the necessity and general situation of the development of the newly established Home Appliances Intellectual Property Rights Center of Zhongshan City, and he also expressed that the right center would focus on the Zhongshan home appliance industry’s development needs, increase intellectual property protection efforts to enhance the home appliance industry, intellectual property creation, use, protection and management capabilities, achieve the “bisynchronous” between Home Appliances New Professional Town Development and Quality and Efficiency Improvement of Enterprises and the “double improvement” of Independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of industry.
  Jin Yuhua, the Deputy Chief of the Patent Office of Zhongshan City, also delivered a speech, expressing the hope that Zhongshan enterprises would be able to deepen the understanding of intellectual property protection and attention to improve the relevant personnel to deal with cases of patent infringement business level, to enhance our city enterprises to protect the patent rights through this training. Special reference to the city's home appliance industry enterprises that they should make good use of the channel of home appliances rapid Rights Center to improve their efficiency of protection, to maximize the protection of business and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

  Yin Wentao, the  chairman of Zhongshan Kechuang Patent Agency Co., Ltd. who is also a senior patent agent, the Supreme People's Court designated patent litigation agent, the China Patent Agent Association and the Guangdong Patent Agent Association  director, was the main speaker of this training. Around the goal of Home Appliance Intellectual Property Rights Rapid Center of Zhongshan City , "patent infringement litigation and patent invalid" as the theme, He explained this course from the following four areas: the patent protection approach, invention and utility model, design infringement judgment, patent invalid declaration, Patent infringement after the coping strategies and related case analysis so that all the participants could have a better understanding of the Patent Infringement Litigation and Patent Invalidation. After that, field participants actively asked questions, Chairman Yin combined the answers with specific cases, and its vivid language won the applause and praise of all the participants.

  After the training course, the participants of our company came to the branch office of Xiaolan to visit, study and take pictures together.

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