Five members in our company obtained the “Training Certificate of Internal Auditor in the Intellectu

 From June 6,2016 to June 8,2016, five members in Zhongshan Kechuang Patent Agency Co.,Ltd. participated in the intellectual property management training activity of internal auditor organized by Zhonggui(Beijing) Certification Co.,Ltd., learning all the relevant courses of internal auditor training. All of them passed the examination and managed to obtained the Training Certificate of Internal Auditor, laying a solid foundation for assisting companies in getting through the ISO certificate.

    For a company, standard implementation means to implement the national standard of Rules of Enterprise IPR Management. Set by the State Intellectual Property Office and carried out from March 1,2013, these standards were approved and issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC and the Standardization Administration of China with the Standard NO. GB/T29490-2013.

    Standard implementation helps to reduce the enterprise production and operation risks, avoid or reduce the intellectual property or legal risks for enterprises during the management process of product life cycle.

    Standard implementation also helps to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Through the improvement of technological innovation capacity, the enterprises can maintain benign development, vitality and power.
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