Our general manager, XieZian, was invited to give a lecture of Intellectual Property

On May 25 2016, our general manager, XieZian was invited to Vatti, he gave a lecture of Patent Basic knowledge for Vatti’s technicians. Vatti attached importance to Patent Application and safeguard the rights.

The lecture introduced Patent infringement, Patent safeguard and Patent invalidation, and how to file Technical clarification. The lecture takes about 2 hours. XieZian gave an interesting lesson of Patent basic knowledge to Vatti’s technicians.

More than 50 technicians participated in the lecture, they were energetic and enthusiastic, after the lecture, they asked a lot of questions.
The lecture ended successfully, the popularization and application of patent, can improve the innovation ability of and protection ability of intellectual property, can improve the market competitiveness, can increase soft power.

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