Play strength of the Patent administrative law enforcement,solve the problem of safeguarding legal r

Difficult to collect evidence, time consuming, high cost are the “three difficulties” problems of patent dispute. Especially in recent years, Infringement and counterfeiting happen often, patentees are confronted with obstacles and difficulties in safeguarding legal rights. Patent administrative law enforcement has the advantages of initiative, simple and convenience, speed, people increasingly attach importance to the Patent administrative law enforcement. Play strength of the Patent administrative law enforcement can we solve the problem of safeguarding legal rights and promote the economy and social development.

Yin Wentao, as the chairman of Zhongshan Kechuang Patent Agency Co.,Ltd, with more than 20 years experience in patent service, advised that only offer the rights to investigate and collect evidence to the Patent administrative law enforcement, increase the administrative efforts to protect patent, can we safeguard the legal rights and interests. When enterprise finds problem in infringement and collecting evidence, it should request mediation from Patent Administration department. Patent laws and regulations system of our country have been increasingly improving since the patent law was enacted 30 years ago and established Patent Protection system with Chinese characteristics. Now, strengthen patent administrative law enforcement and protect patentee’s legal rights, is important to our patent protection work.

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