“Planned Project of Patent Early Warning Analysis Aimed at Key Export Products of Guangdong Province
“Patent early warning analysis of vacuum packaging bag” reported dominantly by our company had the honor to make us a bearing unit of “Planned Project of Patent Early Warning Analysis Aimed at Key Export Products of Guangdong Province of 2013”. Within the whole province, there were only 15 items being approved by provincial intellectual property office in this project. In Zhongshan City, only our company enjoyed this honor. 
The main contents of patent early warning analysis include:
 1.  Patent analysis on target countries (region) of export products: including development tendency of patent, area protection range, main technology distribution fields, patent application conditions of main patentees and their tendency of market share, etc.
 2.  Guidance of developing route for important product technologies: including developing route for important technologies, important patentees or dynamic condition of patent application of their competitors, trajectory chart of technological development, etc. 
3.  Deep analysis of core technologies and high-risk patents: analyze protection range of patent claims, specific technology solutions in detail, compare it with the product technologies, and provide suggestions to distinguish patent infringement according to the principles of legality; analyze the stability of the power, find ineffective possibility; summarize and analyze the innovation points, technical effects, technological means and technical advancement, so as to provide comprehensive advice for risk aversion, technological innovation and planning, patent strategic layout of enterprises.
 4. Countermeasures and suggestions about intellectual properties: including analysis on relevant patents and other information from different levels of planes, lines, points (core patent), thus reveal the risks and opportunities of intellectual properties that enterprises are facing, give the countermeasures and suggestions to avoid risks and deal with the dispute by combining product features and market development strategies of enterprises.


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