Kelvin Pen
Patent agent, professional title of mechanical and Electrical Engineer (assistant grade)

profession in mechanical electronic engineering , graduated from Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University in 2014, and got bachelor's degree in engineering.He had worked in central enterprises such as CNOOC, mainly in technical positions. In 2016, he joined  the family of KeChuang, and  successfully passed the national qualification examination of patent agent in 2017 with outstanding achievements (108 points of patent law knowledge, 81 points of relevant legal knowledge, 122 points of patent agency practice).In KeChuang, he is mainly engaged in the writing of patent application documents,doing  technical communication with technical personnel, and assisting the client to do the patent mining analysis. He is good at the writing of patent documents in the field of mechanical and electrical fields, and providing all kinds of patent applications、 trademark registration and other intellectual property services to provide the most authoritative, professional and fastest service for the customers.

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